Jabiru Property Services manages a pool of residential properties to support the Mirarr Vision and Masterplan for the town of Jabiru. 

Phone: 0499 370 712 
Email: [email protected]  

Who is eligible to rent housing in Jabiru? 

On behalf of the Mirarr Traditional Owners we provide access to well maintained and sustainable rental accommodation for businesses operating within and contributing to making Jabiru an economically and socially vibrant community.  

We support existing businesses and service providers in the region and are also keen to welcome new businesses. 

Housing is allocated in accordance with an Access to Rental Housing in Jabiru Charter determined by GACJT on behalf of the Mirarr Traditional Owners.  

There is no private rental market in Jabiru.    

What rental housing is currently available? 

Jabiru Property Services offer a range of properties for long-term rental including 1-bedroom units to 4-bedroom houses with 3-bedroom houses being the most commonly available.  

We are currently at full capacity but maintain a waitlist of approved housing applications so we can allocate housing quickly as it becomes available.  

If your business has upcoming housing requirements in Jabiru, please complete a Tenancy Application Form and submit to [email protected].   

How much can I expect to pay? 

To reflect the limited housing stock in Jabiru, rental rates are applied equitably across the town based on the standard and size of the accommodation. All rents are subject to annual indexation. 

From 1 January 2024, our standard weekly rental prices are: 

1-Bedroom unit 

$169.12 pw - $211.40 pw 

2-Bedroom duplex 

$234.23 pw - $292.79 pw 

3-Bedroom house 

$350.80 pw - $437.60 pw 

4-Bedroom house 

$434.64 pw - $543.30 pw 

Please get in touch with our office if you have any questions regarding the housing application process. 

Who do I contact for maintenance support? 

For urgent maintenance issues such as: 

  • Blocked/overflowing toilet system/sewerage 

  • Burst water main or pipe 

  • A dangerous electrical fault 

  • Flood/storm/fire damage 

  • Failure of electricity or water supply to the premises  

please phone Jabiru Property Services immediately on 0499 370 712. 

In an emergency ALWAYS call 000.  

For routine maintenance requests such as: 

  • Leaking tap 

  • Malfunctioning air conditioning unit, etc.

please complete a Maintenance Request Form, attach photos if possible and send to [email protected] 

Where do your rental payments go? 

All of the rental paid for housing in Jabiru is kept in and reinvested in Jabiru. 

To ensure high quality and reliable residential services are provided and continued within the Jabiru community, rental income is allocated to: 

  • Regular property maintenance (eg regular pest inspections, servicing of air conditioning units and 24/7 emergency call out support) 

  • Property management costs (eg rates, sublease fees, insurance) 

  • Longer term improvements for sustainability and liveability