Is there a welcome to Jabiru information pack?

To help you get to know the area we have included a link to West Arnhem Regional Council’s Welcome to Jabiru Handbook.

Welcome to Jabiru Handbook



How do I connect my electricity?

All requests and submission of forms are to be directed through Power and Water website at:     or via email to:     [email protected]


How do I set up internet?

Internet can be connected through your chosen provider. NBN is connected at the property.

Can I have pets?

Pets will be approved at the property at your employer’s discretion. No pets other than dogs are permitted and there is to be no more than 2 dogs per property.

Am I allowed to have alcohol in my house?

Alcohol is permitted in private homes and licensed premises.

What if I have noisy neighbours?

Noise from people yelling or screaming is best described as antisocial behaviour. As such it is something that is best handled by the Northern Territory Police Force (NT Police).

Issues of an abusive, threatening or intimidating nature are also a NT Police matter. You can contact the NT Police directly on 131 444.

Maintaining your property

How do I report maintenance issues?

Please let us know if any repairs and maintenance to the property are required so we can make the necessary arrangements. All communications in this regard should be in writing and addressed to [email protected]

Please call our office if you would like to report an urgent maintenance request 0499 370 712.

What are the response times for maintenance requests?

Jabiru property services will respond to,

General maintenance – within 1 business day to 3 business days depending on the nature of the request. Cosmetic repairs will be scheduled with the tenant within 10 days of request approval.

Urgent Repairs/non-emergency – within 24hrs E.g., broken appliance

Emergency Repairs – Immediate to 12hrs

Who do I contact for emergency maintenance?

Emergencies maintenance, please contact our office 0499 370 712 (24hrs). Please make sure that your request is URGENT if you are calling after hours. The following are examples of URGENT maintenance:

(a) a water service that provides water to the premises that has

burst; or

(b) a blocked or broken lavatory system on the premises; or

(c) a serious roof leak; or

(d) a gas leak; or

(e) a dangerous electrical fault; or

(f) flooding or serious flood damage; or

(g) serious storm, fire or impact damage; or

(h) a failure or breakdown of the gas, electricity or water supply to

the premises; or

(j) a failure or breakdown of an essential service or appliance on

premises for water or cooking; or

(k) a fault or damage that makes premises unsafe or insecure.

What proactive maintenance is scheduled?

Jabiru Property Services will conduct proactive maintenance for both asset management and tenant safety & comfort purposes.

 The following will be provided by JPS annually.

1)        Electrical testing and certification 

2)        Smoke alarm testing and certification

3)        Pest control treatment

4)        Air Conditioning service

5)        Plumbing audit and hot water system service

 Our property management team will arrange access to the property to conduct these maintenance items 14 days prior.

Do I look after my own gardens?

Tenants are responsible for the maintenance of gardens, including lawns, garden beds, weeds, tree debris and leaf removal.

There is a green waste dump located in Jabiru, contact JPS for directions.

I am worried about large trees on my property...

Please contact our office and one of our maintenance team will come and assess the tree. The tree will be removed or trimmed as deemed necessary.

How do I prepare for cyclone season?

Please make sure items that can blow around are secured and your yard is free of loose palm fronds and branches.

The Council conducts a pre-cyclone pick up where hard rubbish can be put out the front of your property for collection, just prior to wet season.

When is rubbish and recycling collection?

Rubbish and recycling should be placed at the front of the residence on the day of collection. You will find two bins: one with a yellow lid for recycling and another with a red lid for everyday rubbish. Please make sure to place items in the appropriate bins.

·        Recycling is collected on Wednesdays.

·        Garbage is collected on Tuesdays and Fridays

Can I make modifications to my house or yard? Can I hang pictures on the wall?

Alterations or additions to the property must not be made without the written consent of JPS. 

Please send through details of what you would like to do and where, providing photos where possible.

Who looks after the smoke alarm?

The tenant/occupant is responsible for testing the smoke alarm at intervals of not more than 12 months. Please advise JPS of the smoke alarm is not functioning when tested.

JPS will test each smoke alarm in the property regularly and in accordance with the Fire and Emergency regulations.

How do I clean my a/c?

Filters can be removed and cleaned from split system air conditioners. We recommend cleaning the filters at least every 8 weeks.

How to clean your air-con filters.

1.        Turn the unit off.

2.        Depending on your unit either; slide the filter out from the top of the unit or lift the front cover and slide the filter out.

3.        Brush off excess dust/dirt build up.

4.        Pass filter under running water to remove any built-up dirt/dust.

5.        When clean allow the filter to drain and air dry.

6.        When dry slide the filter back in to place and close the cover (if required).

7.        Check the outside unit is free from debris and ensure that the unit has good airflow with no objects leaning against it.

Please contact Jabiru Property Services if you would like further instructions or a demonstration.

How do I stop heavy condensation on my windows?

Running your air conditioner at a low temperature will cause condensation to form, especially during the wet season.

If left unmonitored it can cause damage to paintwork on walls and ceilings and moisture in light fittings. Any damage caused by condensation from the incorrect use of air conditioners will be repaired at the tenants expense.

JPS recommend running your a/c at no lower than 25 degrees.

If the property is left unattended for long periods please be mindful to not run all air conditioners at once. Switch one or two air conditioners on, setting the temperature to 26ºC and leaving a few fans on in different rooms to circulate the air.

How do I control pests?

JPS will arrange a pest control treatment annually on your property to eliminate ants, spiders, and cockroaches. Additional pest treatments will be at the tenant’s expense.

Please ensure kitchen counters are regularly wiped down and rubbish bins are regularly emptied.  

Can I have a shipping container or caravan in my yard?

Shipping containers can only be used for moving in/out of your property. They can be stored on the road in front of your property for up to 7 days.

Caravans and boats may be stored on the premises in the driveway or a designated parking area.

Is there asbestos in my house?

If asbestos is identified in your property a register will be installed. This can be located in the kitchen or laundry cupboard.

Please ensure any trades attending the property are notified of the register if required.

Leasing and access to housing

How can individuals or businesses secure long term tenure in Jabiru?

JPS has an Allocation Request process in place for individuals and businesses to both confirm the accuracy of current housing usage and to request an allocation of future sub-leases or housing as part of the Sub-Lease Allocation Plan. Both the Sub-Lease Allocation Plan and the Allocation Request Form can be found at

Contact JPS for more information on the Allocation Request Form or costs associated with securing a sub-lease or tenancy.

Will housing be linked to employment?

Yes, Jabiru will continue to be an industry-based town where housing is linked to employment.

Can I run a business out of my house?

Home businesses are permitted; however, the business activities must not involve clients/customers visiting your premises.

Please discuss your desire to run a home business with your Property Manager to ensure your activities do not compromise our insurances, Council by-laws or any conditions of the Head Lease.

Am I expected to pay a bond?

The bond required on each property is to be paid by the lessee. Please discuss with your employer their expectations in relation to the bond.

How often are tenancy inspections?

JPS conducts routine property inspections every 3 months. Notification will be sent by email two weeks prior to the inspection, along with a maintenance request form.

Please contact our office to schedule a specific time, otherwise our staff will attend using the office set of keys. Please ensure animals are secured during this period.

What shall I do when I am vacating my property?

Please contact your employer to seek instructions and understand their expectations when vacating your property.

For JPS vacating guidelines please see Vacating & Final Inspection Guide


This document provides general information only and may be subject to change at any time.
The Jabiru Housing Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) are current as of 23rd January 2024